Thursday, November 14, 2013

It's a new time for Mark Tapes

Eric is often sad or mad and now mad at me. I am taking over the blog that we shared since his abandonment. Eric has been a great friend and I still appreciate him. All respect with peace and condolences as we go our own ways into this fascinating and all inspiring world. I will be setting a new tone (so to speak) with the direction of this blog. I look forward to offering sweetness, happiness and weirdness as I steer this blog from a log away from the darkness and the sentiments of a taste bitter sour. I am all happy and inspired and that would be what I hope to give back to a world a people-sentient and inspirational beings that have always done the very same thing for me and anyone else that would take happiness as Mind-Fire and keep cooking up something new in the kitchen with the Scorpion Minds!